Finally, it is time to start my blog!  For over a decade I have been researching and writing, and for over a decade I have remained radio silent. Once I would post frequently to Usenet and google groups (this was the pre-blogging era). That was before I started working on The Book. The cut and thrust of discussion was fun, but I had reached a stage where I needed to develop my ideas out of the chill gaze of critical eyes.  A new idea is like a child that needs to be cherished and protected until the day it is strong enough to take its place in the world. Inviting strangers to thump it on the head does not help this development process.

At the time I thought my hermit-like withdrawal would be for just a year or two. The Book, however, had a mind of its own and grew and grew, becoming bigger and lustier with each day.  It outgrew its covers and I had to split it into two and then three parts. It took far, far longer than expected. But finally, the first volume is ready to be released on an unsuspecting world.

So the time for silence is at an end.  It is time to join the conversation.  To share my ideas and discuss those of others.  I have not been entirely secluded but have kept up with the discussion in a lurking sort of way.  There are a number of books I want to review and to engage (the same word is used for love and war).  So let the battle begin, and the fun commence.